From 10.10.2022

The Studentspace is designed to help instructors quickly and easily create an area in the Moodle course where students can work in groups (previously created in the course).

To create the Studentspace, select the option Add/Update studentspace from the Actions menu (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the course.

On the following page you can enter a name and, if desired, a description for the Studentspace and select for which groups of the course it should be available.

Furthermore, you can choose from some activities that should be created automatically in group mode (Separate groups) in this area. Currently you can choose between BigBlueButton, Etherpad, Forum, Student Folder and Wordcloud. As soon as you have ticked an option, an input field appears in which you can enter a name for the activity.

When you have made the desired settings, click the Save button at the bottom. The Studentspace will be inserted at the bottom of the course. Like all other course sections, it can be edited normally and additional resources and activities can be added manually if required. The activities that are automatically generated during creation can also be adapted afterwards by manually adjusting the respective settings. To add more activities automatically to an existing Studentspace or remove existing ones, select Add/Edit  Studentspace from the course action menus (gear icon) in the upper right corner.


Currently, only one Studentspace can be created per Moodle course.