Existing IDP v4 installation

In case you're still running a Shibboleth IDP v4 in eduID.at you must upgrade to IDP v5 before end of August 2024 CE by installing the v5 software over your v4 software.

That also entails first upgrading your IDP to the latest/last IDPv4 release available and cleaning up your configuration until no more "DEPRECATED" messages are shown in your IDP's log files.

Make sure to review the relevant documentation before changing anything, particularly:

You're free to rebuild your IDP server from scratch (using the current Debian "stable" version, as always) but instead of installing a "fresh" version of IDP v5 copy over your IDP v4 installation (/opt/shibboleth-idp) to the new server and only then install IDP v5 to the same location. (Of course you may copy more stuff over, such as your existing TLS keystore to be used by Tomcat as webserver, etc.)

Completely new IDP installation

In case you have not been running a Shibboleth IDP in eduID.at so far you can install a "fresh" instance of IDP v5.

The instructions we provide should get you up and running somewhat quickly with proper support for the most relevant community standards and practices.

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