E-Multipliers (E-Multiplikator:innen = E-MUs) are student employees qualified and supervised by CTL in the areas of digital teaching and testing who are deployed in various study programs. In this article, you will learn more about the objectives of the program, specific tasks of the E-MUs, and the process of applying for E-MU positions through a study program director.

Do you need support in your course?

You are a lecturer at the University of Vienna and need support in the area of digital teaching (i.e. everything in and around Moodle) or in the area of testing and examining? In this list you can see if there are already E-MUs working at the study program of your course. They will be happy to help you on request: Contact E-Multipliers: Kontaktmöglichkeiten E-Multiplikator*innen (E-Mus bzw. EMUs)

Objectives of the program

  1. E-multipliers are qualified student employees of the CTL who transfer knowledge in the area of digital teaching and testing, provide impulses for further development, and make good practice visible. The didactic focus is on active learning and improving the quality of examinations, with the aim of contributing to the learning and study success as well as the examination activity of the students.

  2. E-multipliers provide study programs and lecturers with support in the design and implementation of digitally supported courses, study phases and modules that are particularly relevant to the progress of studies.

  3. E-multipliers communicate with CTL, study programs, teachers, tutors and study assistants. They do not take on direct communication tasks with students (unlike tutors).

E-MU tasks

1) Knowledge transfer on digital teaching and testing

In consultation with the study program, the E-multipliers, as experts in digital teaching and testing, conduct consultations and workshops with tutors, study assistants, and teachers in the following areas:

  • Learning goal-oriented design of different didactic formats (e.g. blended learning formats, flipped classroom, hybrid teaching, digital teaching);
  • Technical implementation of the formats in the learning platform Moodle (e.g., integration of activities and materials, settings for assessments and bonus points, design of Moodle courses at the beginning of the semester);
  • Design of digital oral and written exams (e.g., assignments, timing, exam quality);
  • Technical implementation of digital exams (e.g. settings, groups, upload, common technical problems).

2) Support of specific courses and examinations

E-multipliers support study programs and teachers in the design and implementation of digitally supported courses, study phases and modules that are particularly relevant for the progress of the study ("key courses").

As part of the determination of requirements, the study program management defines courses, study phases and modules that should be supported by E-multipliers. Apart from this, teachers can also contact the E-multipliers directly in order to test innovative teaching and examination formats and to further develop them through feedback. The didactic focus is on student-centered and active teaching and learning formats.

3) Exchange and networking

E-multipliers are in contact with the study program management, lecturers, employees of the SSCs and student employees.

Through various exchange formats within the CTL, they form a knowledge network that also exchanges and supports each other across study programs.

In agreement with the respective lecturers, E-multipliers publish good practice examples for the implementation of digital teaching in the digital teaching wiki.

Application and general conditions

The application for the E-multipliers  happens via a call for applications, which usually starts in March and refers to the following academic year. The announcement is made in the study programs conference. E-multipliers can only be applied by program directors. If you need the support of an E-multiplier in your course, please contact the head of your study program or the E-multiplier of the study program responsible for you, if one is already available.

The E-multipliers are employed by the CTL as study assistants from September onwards for 10 to 20 hours per week. The employment is usually for 12 months.

Do you have any questions about the program? Contact us at

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