Welcome to CeMESS IT

Here is some additional IT information for you.

If you want to have access to the rest of the CeMESS wiki, you have to log in at the following page once: https://wiki.univie.ac.at/ (Click on „Anmelden“ or „Login“and choose the University of Vienna Logo).
After you have signed in there once, let us know either by email or by creating a ticket that we can add you to the whole CeMESS Wiki.

For department specific IT information check out the Department IT pages after you get full access to the CeMESS wiki area.
u:account and Office:
With your u:account user and password, you can now access all the IT Services (like login to the managed PCs) from the University of Vienna, which can be found under this link: https://zid.univie.ac.at/en/. If the login fails, please contact us by the ticket-system (create a ticket or email).

For all initial requests we need your u:account. Please add your u:account to the ticket.

For your Wifi Access you have to login to your u:account under this link: https://www.univie.ac.at/ZID/my-uaccount/
You should be able to see the option of your Wifi password and can change it there. Please be aware that your Wifi password is not allowed to be the same as your u:account password. You should be able to login to the eduroam network with your u:account name and the new password.
Here is a link for some user guides on the University Wifi: https://zid.univie.ac.at/en/wi-fi/user-guides/
We have a File Share System in our center for all the important files.
Please let us know to which group you need access and if you need a own folder.

Therefore create a ticket and send us your u:account to add you to our share. Otherwise you will not be able to access the share.
After it you can access to our Share and also have your own folder (if needed?).
Here are some user guides on how to access it: https://zid.univie.ac.at/en/online-storage-space/user-guides/.

The links for the Share Systems for each department are:
DOME: \\share.univie.ac.at\DOME 
TER: \\share.univie.ac.at\TER
CeMESS-Office: \\share.univie.ac.at\CMESS
EDGE1: \\share.univie.ac.at\kraemer
EDGE4: \\share.univie.ac.at\umwelt

If you are not in the Uni Network, you have to be connected to the University VPN to access it (https://vpn.univie.ac.at/). 

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit us in the IT Office (Office 3.020).
If you cannot find us, you can either send us an email (which will create a ticket) or create a separate Ticket over this link: https://servicedesk.univie.ac.at/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/65


The fastest way to get IT support is to create a ticket.

Thanks for your ticket (smile)

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