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Comment: link to USI-specific entitlement generaton


You can have several SourceValue elements in a ValueMap, e.g. to additionally allow everyone with affiliation student to get a personal certificate as well. See the examples above (eduPersonScopedAffiliation) or the Shibboleth wiki for details.


If you're supporting use of your Shibboleth IDP to access USI Wien services check out another variant to create eduPersonEntitlement values that specifically includes code for use with the USI Wien Service Provider.



schacHomeOrganization is sometimes needed by services, usually as an IDP- and entityID-independent identifier for an organization, e.g. to map subjects from an IDP to a contract in the name of the organisation that runs the IDP (without having to hard-code the IDP's entityID into some configurationn file or database). The following will work for anyone, based on the data connector provided below (that's also generic, thanks to its use of Java properties):