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Meeting documents

Presentation of the meeting (PDF, 13MB)

Recording of the event



Digitalisation for Researchers at the University of Vienna

Ronald Maier, Vice-Rector Digitalisation and Knowledge Transfer

The Role of the ZID in Supporting IT for Researchers

Ulf Busch, CIO

IT for Open Science

Open Science Landscape

Toma Susi, Physics of Nanostructured Materials / Faculty of Physics

Abstract: Open access, open data, and open code are becoming increasing seen as an integral part of robust, reproducible and transparent research, and efforts to reform research assessment aim to properly incentivize these practices. However, this shift to open science does present technical and other hurdles, and good technical infrastructure support is vital to help busy researchers. I will discuss my practical experiences with some of the solutions that the University of Vienna provides to address these issues.

Research Data Management and European Open Science Cloud: FAIR Data

Raman Ganguly, Head of Department IT Support for Research / ZID

Abstract: For efficient research data management in line with FAIR principles, it is essential to support the entire life cycle of research data – from generation to archiving – with expertise and the associated tools. The project FAIR Data Austria promotes cooperation between Austrian universities in developing coherent and robust services for research data. 

Jupyter Notebook – Prototype in Computational Chemistry

Raman Ganguly, Head of Department IT Support for Research / ZID

Abstract: The Jupyter Notebook is a web application for creating and sharing computational documents. The use of Jupyter Notebook in teaching was tested at the Institute for Computational Biological Chemistry Integration. An integration in the E-learning platform Moodle at the University of Vienna is being considered for the future.


Cloud Strategy of the University of Vienna

Cloud Strategy of the University of Vienna

Christian Kracher, Head of Coordination Digital Transformation / ZID

Abstract: The University of Vienna is aware of the growing importance of cloud services due to the advancing digitalisation. The Cloud Strategy of the University of Vienna defines the framework conditions for the members of the University of Vienna to be able to sustainably and safely use innovative cloud services for research, teaching and administration.

Cloud Services for Research and Teaching

Public Cloud Services: Microsoft Azure and AWS

Fabian Jusufi, Coordination Digital Transformation / ZID

Abstract: The Zentraler Informatikdienst is testing public cloud infrastructure for several years. Fabian Jusufi is cloud administrator of the different cloud platforms used and will give some insights in the work done in collaboration with different research groups. The presentation will show goals reached in the past as well as current projects and plans for the near future.

Cloud Computing for Teaching and Research

Enes Bajrović, Research Group Scientific Computing / Faculty of Computer Science

Abstract: The rapid development of cloud computing technologies over the past decade transformed the way we interact with information technologies, reshaping both the way we develop modern software and how we utilize available computing infrastructures. While having diverse, always-available cloud utilities brings many potential advantages, it also affects the way we can use them for teaching. In this talk, we share our experiences in using cloud computing for teaching and research – not only how cloud services are used, but also how cloud infrastructures work behind the scenes and how we develop software both in the cloud and for the cloud. 

(topic postponed) Overleaf – Collaborative Online Latex Editor 

Eva Karall, Head of E-learning / ZID

Abstract: Overleaf is now available for members of the University of Vienna. It simplifies the use of LaTeX in many ways. Overleaf can also be integrated into the E-learning platform Moodle.


Moderation: Michaela Bociurko, IT Communications and Marketing / ZID