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titledata saving mode

In the right upper corner you can view your connection status: green with good, violet with medium and red with bad connection.

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There's also more information available if you click on the connection symbol

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If your internet connection is unstable, you can switch on the data saving mode. In this mode, all webcam streams are switched off and only the presentation is shown.

To activate the data saving mode:

  1. Click in the BBB window on the right top menu and open the entry Settings.
  2. Choose data savings and deselect the options webcams and/or desktop sharing.
  3. Click Save to return to your session.


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  • What information do I have to give to students for them to be able to join the session?
    You can find instructions for students under BigBlueButton for students.

  • Can I record my session?
    Yes, you can record a session at any time.

  • Who has the moderator permissions in BigBlueButton?
    All users of the Moodle course with editing permissions (i.e. teachers, tutors, clerical assistants) will be assigned the moderator role.

  • Why can some of my students not hear me?
    This can have multiple causes. Please consult the troubleshooting tips on the information page for students.

  • I get the message "ICE negotiation failed (Error 1007)". How can I solve this?
    This error occurs because of the settings of your local firewall (of your device). BigBlueButton needs for some functions permissions to pass your firewall, e.g. to be able to share audio and webcam or to share any content.
    Especially with networks of companies, these permissions are not granted. If you get this error, please contact your system administrator.
    For IP addresses in the range of 131.130.* (131.130.1.*, 131.130.4.* and 131.130.106.*) the UDP ports no. 16384 – 32768 have to be open.

  • Is it possible to join the session on a smartphone?
    In general, it is possible to both lead and participate in sessions on a smartphone. However, your experience may be limited due to a reduced screen size and if the Internet connection of your phone is limited.

  • Can I lead sessions on a tablet?
    You should not experience any problems when leading sessions on a tablet.

  • Can students download annotations on the slides or whiteboard directly?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. For more information and links, please see Writing/Drawing on slides (whiteboard).

  • Students cannot access recordings, although they should be visible to them...
    In some cases the view of the table for recordings is incomplete. E. g. as a teacher you are able to watch the recordings, but students can't. We are already working on fixing this.


    1. Go to the BBB activity in your moodle course.
    2. Do a right-click on the button presentation and choose the option Copy Link Location.
    3. Switch to the field Description in the settings of the BBB activity.
    4. Insert here a link manually (use ) and paste the copied link to the presentation out of your clipboard.

  • Anchor
    I use hyperlinks and/ or animations in my presentation or a PDF document, but I'm not able to use them? Why it doesn't work or how I can use them?

    In BigBlueButton all uploaded files get converted into SVG-graph-files (one graph per page or slide) and so, dynamic content is not included in the presented screens.
    To be able to use such content, please open the file locally on your computer and use the function Sharing screen instead.

  • A Presentation I uploaded, is not being shown correctly. This happens with files, that were converted from LaTeX.
    Uploaded presentations are converted into SVG-files. This can lead to inconsistencies with the originating files. A possible solution fpr technically experienced users is to export the presentation as a bitmap file and to convert it into a *.pdf-file afterwards.  In Windows you can do this with Adobe Acrobat Pro, in Linux you can do this with the following command:
    pdf2djvu --bg-subsample=1 d 600 <your_input_file.pdf> | ddjvu -format=pdf - <output_file.pdf>
  • I am not able to view a recording - I see a blank white screen when I click on "presentation"!
    If you go to a BBB activity the button "presentation" next to each available recording will be visible right away, although in the backend the video file is still being loaded at the same time. This could happen especially when there are many recordings attached to one session. In general it is sufficient to wait a few seconds until the icon in your browser-tab stops spinning and then to click the button "presentation". You can also try to refresh the site (F5).

  • I made some recordings in a course, can I use them in other courses too?Yes, you can use the function "Import recording links" within a new created BigBlueButton activity. Here you can link to existing recordings of another BigBlueButton activity, so that students can access them.

  • The quality of my recording(s) is poor. What can I do to improve this?
    In a first step you could turn off the option to share microphone and webcam for participants (e.g. during a presentation). Furthermore you shouldn't run a session in BigBlueButton, while you are connected to the university network via VPN.

  • I would like to play audio/ video during my lecture.
    In BigBlueButton you only could play audio or video from external resources.