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  • (plus)jabref: empfehlenswerter BibTeX Editor (java-based, cross-platform)
  • (plus)cb2bib - extract bibliographic references from  unformatted and non standard sources (also as a package in most Linux distros)
  • bibtex2html - Collection of tools for filtering BibTeX data bases and for producing HTML documents from BibTeX data bases
  • Bibtex4Word  is an add-in for Microsoft Word that allows the citation of references and the insertion of a bibliography into your document using your choice of formatting style.
  • bibtexbrowser makes publication lists in html with bibtex and PHP, can be used for web interface.
  • BibTeXConv is a BibTeX file converter which allows one to export BibTeX entries to other formats, including customly defined text output. Furthermore, it provides the possibility to check URLs (including MD5, size and MIME type computations) and to verify ISBN and ISSN numbers.
  • bibtool- command-line manipulation of bib files
  • Python bibtex tools & resources:
    • Biblio-py is a package to manage bibliography written in python. Main programme and yapbib parser. Can convert to LaTeX.

    • BibServer is open-source software what makes it easy to publish, manage and find bibliographies.
    • Pybliographer is a python-based GUI tool, an alternative to jabref. It comes with a python module.
    • pybib is a set of command-line tools for manipulating BibTeX files.
    • (plus) Bibcut simple GUI for comparing two bib files and various other tasks
  • Meteorological journal abbreviation list (can be used in jabref)


Similar to pstricks, produces various vector graphics formats, based on PGF (Portable Graphics Format). Code can be plugged into LaTeX files.

IMGW resources

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