The following documents constitute and formally describe the ACOnet Identity Federation:

  • The ACOnet Identity Federation Policy spells out the rules governing the Federation and is binding for all federation members.
    • To join the Federation in an Identity Provider (IDP) role, i.e., to also expose user identities to the Federation, members must be ACOnet participants, and sign the supplemental agreement ("Zusatzvereinbarung") covering federation services. For ACOnet participants, the supplemental agreement also covers any Service Providers they may want to operate.
    • To only supply services to existing IDPs in the Federation, i.e., acting solely in a Service Provider (SP) role, the SP-Agreement needs to be signed.
  • Specific federation services are detailed in Technology Profiles, of which there are currently two:

See Membership for visual help with who needs to sign what, if you intend to join.

Furthermore these practice and policy statements are relevant within

  • The Metadata Registration Practice Statement (MDRPS) describes the registration process for SAML entities. This is in order to support other Identity Federations in their judgment of whether to trust entities registered and exposed by the ACOnet Identity Federation.
  • Institutions operating Identity Providers within the Federation are expected (SHOULD, in the policy) to provide an Identity Management Practice Statement (IDMPS) to allow other federation members to assess their IdM processes and therefore the quality of electronic identities issued by the institution.
  • Operators of Service Providers are required (MUST, in the policy) to provide a Privacy Policy statement for each of their services, to inform subjects and institutions of their data processing practices, cf. the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct support material.
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