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New from Winter Semester 2022


Overview of Moodle Changes by Delivery Date

Our Moodle upgrades and updates in WS2022 are continuously added here. Click on a date to get an overview of the most important changes in Moodle. Details can be found below in the corresponding content chapters.

New activity MooDuell

New in test mode

You can find new features of previous Moodle versions before the summer semester 2022 in the archive (German).

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Overview of Moodle Changes by Activity/Topic Area

New Activities in Moodle

MooDuell & u:mooduell (from 1.8.2022)

MooDuell is a quiz game in which students can compete against each other. Teachers have to create the MooDuell activity in the course and fill it with questions. Students can then play via the u:mooduell app. This gamification element can be used for exam preparation, for example.

The development and operation of MooDuell is carried out by the company Wunderbyte. The evaluation of the test operation is carried out by the CTL.

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New in Test Mode -

In this section we provide information about new Moodle elements that have initially been installed on the Moodle training instance for testing purposes. If they meet certain quality criteria and prove themselves in the test operation, they will also be released for the actual teaching courses in Moodle after the test phase.

At you can enrol yourself in the course Testbetrieb Moodle Schulung (on the Moodle training instance), where you can view and try out activities that are currently in test mode from a student's perspective.

Studentspace (from 4.7.2022)

The studentspace is designed to help teachers quickly and easily create an area in the Moodle course where students can work in groups (previously created in the course).

To create a studentspace, select the option Create studentspace from the course actions menu (gear icon) top right-hand corner.

On the following page you can enter a name and, if necessary, a description for the area and select for which groups of the course it should be available.

Furthermore, you can select from a number of activities that are to be automatically created in group mode (Separate groups) in this course section. The current choices are BBB Meeting room (BigBlueButton), Etherpad, Forum, Student Folder and Wordcloud. As soon as you have ticked an option, an input field appears in which you can enter a name for the activity.

When you have made the desired settings, click the Submit button at the bottom. The studentspace is inserted at the bottom of the course. Like all other sections, it can be edited normally and additional materials and activities can be added manually if required. The activities that are automatically generated during the creation process can also be adapted afterwards by manually adjusting the respective settings.


Currently, only one studentspace can be created per Moodle course.

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