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Collaborate via Moodle is an effective tool to use for presentations, seminars or lectures in courses with a large number of students. Currently, it replaces the u:stream service.

Collaborate is a tool for real-time video conferences, which teachers can use to show presentations and interact with you via chat, a virtual whiteboard or polls.


The web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge are fully supported. Opera 67 is currently not supported. If you cannot use individual functions, please try a different web browser.
Please do not use Collaborate while a VPN connection is active. This may cause interruptions.

User guide

Accessing sessions

1. Click the new activity on the course page in Moodle (the date of the session).

2. Within the time period defined by your teacher, you can access the classroom by clicking the Join session button. This button will not be visible to you or the other viewers outside of the specified time period.

You can join the session up to 15 minutes before it starts, even if the moderators are not present yet.

It is possible to join the session later within the specified time period. To do so, click the Join session button.

Joining the classroom / Collaborate user interface

By clicking the Join session button you will directly enter the classroom where you will automatically be able to receive sound. In order to reduce the server load, it is currently only possible for students to participate via webcam if this function is enabled by the teacher.

You can use the following functions within the classroom:

A - Content presentation area in which presentations, the digital whiteboard and videos are displayed

B - Collaborate Session menu

C - Functions to participate actively in the session

D - Collaborate panel

Collaborate Session menu

To open the session menu, click the ≡ icon (hamburger icon) on the top left of the window.

This menu includes various help topics as well as a Leave session function.


After the course unit has ended, please use this option to leave the session. This way, the session is completely closed and resources can be redistributed.

You can close the menu by clicking the X icon.

Participating actively in the session

In this area you can find several functions that enable interactive communication (described from left to right):

  • My Status and Settings
  • Share audio (has to be enabled by the teacher)
  • Share audio (has to be enabled by the teacher)
  • Raise hand (to participate in discussions, etc.)

Collaborate panel

To open the Collaborate panel, click the « icon (the pink button at the bottom right of the window).

In this panel, additional functions for holding a session are displayed (described from left to right):

  • Chat feature, both for chats with moderators and all participants
  • Overview of all the attendees in the session (you will usually only see yourself and the moderators)
  • Information about content that is currently being shared by your teachers (presentations, polls, etc.)
  • My Settings

Files that your teachers have shared with you cannot be downloaded in Collaborate.

Chat feature

You can communicate with all participants in the public chat.

To do so, open the Collaborate panel and then click the Chat icon.

Please be aware that, if the session is recorded, the chat history will also be recorded and it will be available after the session has ended.

By clicking the X icon you can close the collaborate panel at any time.

Holding a presentation

In Collaborate teachers have to give you the role Presentator, to be granted with further rights to be able to upload and present a file on your own.
Afterwards you can use this and some other functions for your presentation.

Please find further information on how it works here.

Accessing session recordings

If your teachers have made a recording, you can access the audio and video recordings after the session has ended.

In addition to presentations, the chat history and other elements will also be saved as part of the session recording.

These will be made available to you in the Moodle course afterwards.

It takes several minutes for the audio and video recordings to be rendered fully. Therefore, they will be made available at a short time delay.

If the teachers have started and stopped the recording several times during the session, separate recordings are created.

You can play back already available recordings by clicking the link of the recording. You can also download the recordings by clicking the download icon on the right-hand side.


  • I cannot hear anything. What can I do?
    First, please check whether your audio playback device is active or refresh the web browser window in which you are participating in Collaborate. Alternatively, you can use a different web browser (see Tips).
    If this does not solve the problem, try a different Internet access. If this problem persists, please contact the support.
  • What web browsers are supported?
    Several common web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) have been tested and should work properly. If you are still experiencing any problems, please check if you are using the latest version of your web browser.
  • How can I ask questions orally via microphone?
    You need to be granted permission by the moderator in order to orally participate in a session via microphone.
  • Can I download annotations on the slides or whiteboard?
    You can download annotations on the slides or whiteboard by right-clicking and saving them as a picture. If this is necessary for your course, please contact your teacher.
    If the session is recorded, annotations on the slides and whiteboard are included automatically.
  • Can I download shared presentations?
    Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. Please ask your teachers to upload the slides on Moodle instead.
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