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You can use BigBlueButton to participate in a course online via Moodle. It is a tool that allows you to receive audio and video presentations from your teacher. You can also ask questions in the chat or directly, using your microphone.

Please note that the maximum number of participants is 100 students for each session.

If your teacher decides to record the session, you can access the recording afterwards.


If you are experiencing any problems, please use a different web browser (not all web browsers are fully supported).
Please do not use BigBlueButton while a VPN connection is active. This may cause interruptions.


User guide

Accessing sessions

1. Click the new activity on the course page in Moodle (the date of the session).

2. Within the time period defined by your teacher, you can access the classroom as a viewer by clicking the Join session button. This button will not be visible to you or the other viewers outside of the specified time period.

If your teachers (or moderators) have not yet started the session, you may be able to see the button but will not have access to BigBlueButton until a teacher is present.

It is possible to join the session later within the specified time period. To do so, click the Join session button.

Joining the virtual classroom

By clicking Join session you will directly enter the classroom where you will automatically be able to receive sound. It is currently not possible for students to participate via webcam in order to reduce the server load.

You can use the following functions within the classroom:

A - Content presentation area in which presentations or videos will be displayed

B - Option to independently navigate between slides within a presentation

C - Option for a digital whiteboard to annotate the presentation slides (this option needs to be enabled by the teacher first)
These annotations can currently not be downloaded directly (see relevant information in the FAQs)

D - Participate in small polls (one question with multiple answer choices)

E - Option to download the presentation file (this option needs to be enabled by the teacher first)

F - List of users - By default, only your own account as well as the moderators are visible.

G - Public chat - To discuss a topic together in written form.

Activating the microphone

Please note that your microphone is not connected per default. If the teacher gives you the right to do that, you have to reconnect your audio.
You have to click the Leave audio button and afterwards on the Join audio button .

Holding a presentation

In BigBlueButton teachers have to give you the role Presentator, to be granted with further rights to be able to upload and present a file on your own.
Afterwards you can use this and some other functions for your presentation.

Please find further information on how it works here.

Accessing session recordings

If your teachers have activated the recording function for sessions and have made a recording, you can access the audio and video recordings after the meeting has ended.
These will be made available to you in the Moodle course afterwards.

To play back a recording, click the button Presentation.

It takes several minutes for the audio and video recordings to be rendered fully. Therefore, they will be made available at a short time delay.


  • I cannot hear anything. What can I do?
    BigBlueButton uses Web-RTC, which is often blocked by company and phone networks as well as by firewalls when using a public Internet access. First, please check whether you have received a notification from your firewall and try to join the session on a different web browser. If this does not solve the problem, try a different Internet access (mobile network instead of Wi-Fi). If this problem persists, please contact the support.
  • What devices are supported?
    All current devices support BigBlueButton. However, you may experience some display issues on smartphones due to the reduced screen size.
  • What web browsers are supported?
    All common web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari) have been tested and should work properly. If you still experience any problems, please check if you are using the latest version of your web browser.
  • How can I ask questions orally via microphone?
    You need to be granted permission by the moderator in order to orally participate in a session via microphone.
  • Can I download annotations on the slides or whiteboard?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. If this is necessary for your course, please contact your teacher.
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