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  • Update allgemein

    • DiSSCo iGA 4  24. & 25. March 2022
    • MOBILISE CIG Peoples Identifiers

      Data on people are critical to giving credit for scientific outputs, understanding the provenance of collections, linking biodiversity data, and ensuring compliance of collections with regulations. We propose to use a COST Innovators Grant (CIG) to take pilot implementations and recommendations conducted by MOBILISEMobilise members and develop a plan whereby we can integrate person identifiers into the collections of museums and herbaria globally. This will be achieved through training events, workshops and seminars that will disseminate guidance and best practice developed from current projectsknowledge on this subject, and that but will also help us develop a business plan for how key components of the person identifier network can be supported. We need MOBILISE Mobilise members to join the CIG will comprise MOBILISE members who aim want to roll out person identifiers in their own collections, but who will also collaborate to build the wider integrated network on this within European collections and beyond. Members will are needed who can help host and organize events, but also a pilot and test different approaches.

  • Diskussion

  • Klausur 8. Februar 2022

    Nachmittag // Workshop & Diskussionen

    • 13:00-16:00 OSCA Teil 2

    • aktuelle Aktivitäten an den Häusern 5 (10 min.)

    • Pilot-Projekte (3.1-3.14 aus dem aktuellen Arbeitsplan, Fertigstellung von bereits begonnen Projekten als in-kind-Leistung im ersten Jahr) Präsentationen

  • Workshops 2022


    • Taxonomie und Biodiversität: Donat Agosti (PLAZI) angefragt

    • Linked Open Data PhD Projekt: NanoPublikationen: Chris Schubert, Andreas Rauber (TU-Wien)

    • Thesauri: Georg Friebe (inatura) / Christine Hörfater (GBA)

    • Regsitry Thesauri / controlled vocabularies: Chris Schubert (TU-Wien)


    • PID in Thesauri & technologische Aspekte (RDF TripleStores - DB)
    • Thesaurus GBA

    • Taxonomies - Catalogue of Life API / regionale-nationale Taxonomien

    • geografische Thesauri
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  • Fortschritte IDs Institutionen, Personen, Objekte

ROR / ORCID OSCA Institutionen in der Joanneumcloud

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